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Puer Bamboo Tea Tray

Puer Bamboo Tea Tray
Puer Bamboo Tea Tray Puer Bamboo Tea Tray Puer Bamboo Tea Tray

Our Bamboo Puer tea tray is especially designed for opening and loosening your puer tea cakes. The raised sides prevent your precious puer tea being spilt when loosing QiZi bing, puer zhuan or other forms of puer. Once you have loosened sufficient puer tea from the pressed form it is easy to then guide in your gaiwan or teapot for brewing through the opening on the bamboo tea tray.

Aside from puer, the tea tray is a useful tool for other tea types that you may want to measure out or empty from a less convenient pack. The bamboo tray's large surface area make it perfect for a wide number of uses.

Looking for Chinese gongfu tea trays? Visit our tea tray / cha pan section for a wide selection.

Price £12.50

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Quantity Discount
4 - 9 5.00%
10 - 19 10.00%
20 - 39 15.00%

Length:   23cm

Width:   23cm

Height:   2.7cm

Description of packaging:   Loose - wrapped/packed for shipping only

Alternative Names:   Puerh tea tray, puer measuring tray, puer opening tray,

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