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Qing Yi Chinese ZiSha Teapot - Qing Shui Ni clay

Qing Yi Chinese ZiSha Teapot - Qing Shui Ni clay
Qing Yi Chinese ZiSha Teapot - Qing Shui Ni clay Qing Yi Chinese ZiSha Teapot - Qing Shui Ni clay Qing Yi Chinese ZiSha Teapot - Qing Shui Ni clay Qing Yi Chinese ZiSha Teapot - Qing Shui Ni clay

Made from the fine Qing Shui Ni Zisha clay. Upright design with a long spout. The rounded body offers room for the leaves to freely move when water is poured into the teapot, making this ideal for Oolong teas such as Tie Guan Yin where the leaves are tightly compressed and open during brewing.   

All our teapots are authentic Yixing Zisha clay. To ensure this authenticity we source directly from YiXing and the artists to ensure our customer's only receive quality Zisha tea ware.

Not sure which YiXing teapot to select, looking for some advice on how to select an ideal YiXing teapot for your needs? Visit our tea shop FAQ page for tips and advice or please do Contact Wan Ling Tea House. We are very much here to help and guide.

Price £78.00

Product Details

Capacity:   160ml

Length:   126mm (spout to handle)

Height:   50mm (without lid) / 68mm (including lid)

Diameter:   60mm

Spout:   7 hole

Description of packaging:   Boxed - Gift box with certificate from original artist

Factory:   Handmade by Miss Fan Jing-Wei (范经纬) aka 小龙女

Region:   YiXing, JiangSu, China.

Alternative Names:   I-hsing, yixing teapot, zisha teapot, zisha hu, 紫砂茶壶, 宜兴茶壶.

Tea Facts and Tea Region Information

YiXing Teapot Artist Background

Fan Jing-Wei 范经纬 who goes under the artist name of Xiao Long Nv (dragon lady) 小龙女has been bought up in a family of Yixing potters. From a young age, Xiao Long Nv has enjoyed playing and exploring the world of clay. As a child she would often spend hours moulding small figurines and small animals.

Xiao Long Nv progressed through the Chinese arts and crafts schooling system, developing her understanding and knowledge of Chinese traditional sculpture and pottery. Under the guidance of her family and teachers she has developed her skills and own individual style which is characterised by smooth elegant lines and well balanced form.

In 2009, Xiao Long Nv took part in the 60th anniversary of China, an event promoted under the banner of "I love China, splendid China". As part of the event Miss Fan, together with Olympic opening event singer Lin Miao-Ke made a "Jiu-Sheng Na-Fu" yixing teapot.

Later in 2011, Miss Fan participated in events to commemorate 90 years of the Communist Party by creating an Yixing teapot titled, "Heart to Heart". The title was chosen to highlight the party's heart being tied to that of the people of China.

YiXing ZiSha Tea Facts Information

Our Tea Facts sections contain a wealth of information, including an extensive look at YiXing ZiSha Teapots, from the history of ZiSha tea ware to popular YiXing teapot shapes and much more. Interested to know where YiXing is located in China? Then our Tea Regions China Tea Facts will offer an insight.

Our YiXing Teapot Preparation and Care page will give you a valuable insight in how to get the best from your ZiSha teapot from new and in the long term.

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