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HongXin TeChun GuanYin Wang 24g (Autumn 2013)

HongXin TeChun GuanYin Wang 24g (Autumn 2013)
HongXin TeChun GuanYin Wang 24g (Autumn 2013) HongXin TeChun GuanYin Wang 24g (Autumn 2013) HongXin TeChun GuanYin Wang 24g (Autumn 2013)

GuanYin Wang 观音王 or TieGuanYin King.

Like all of our HongXin TeChun or Pure Red Bud grade teas, the autumn 2013 vintage is a superb tea that comes from one of the highest tea mountains in inner AnXi. Part of the Wan Ling Tea House signature collection of Qing Xiang (light & fragrant) Tie Guan Yin Oolong Teas.

Carefully processed by local families this tea is selected for beautiful flavours, light but complex aromas and wonderful tea liquor. A deep and even colour, the loose leave has a distinctive aroma.

For 2013 our HongXin TeChun GuanYin Wang is an even higher grade than in past years. Wan Ling was keen to bring some of characteristics of our exclusive Competition Grade TieGuanYin to a more affordable price point. The superb Oolong tea is an excellent example of a rare and hard to find top quality artisan tea. As ever our teas are single batch, unblended, pure top quality teas. Buy now before it is gone.

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Year and season of Harvest:   2013 Autumn - October

Description of packaging:   8g - individually wrapped (Red)

Product weight:   24g (3 x 8g)

Region:   XiangHua region, AnXi County, Fujian.

Alternative Names:   Ti Kuan Yin, Ti Guan Yin, TieGuanYin,

Basic Brewing Information

We highly recommend you brew our GuanYin Wang Oolong tea gongfu style for best results.


Visit our online Tea Brewing Guide for full details.

Tea Benefits

  • Traditionally enjoyed to aid digestion and increase your body's metabolism.

  • Relaxing, whilst invigorating mind and body.

  • Can be beneficial to your health as part of well balance diet.

  • Contains less caffeine than a cup of coffee and with the naturally added benefit of L-Theanine.

Tea Facts and Tea Region Information

Discover AnXi Tie Guan Yin facts and information. Our tea facts section gives you the chance to better understand these exquisite teas. Looking for some more information on the AnXi tea region? Our China Anxi tea facts pages contain background information that we hope sheds some light on these sometimes mysterious Oolong teas.

Customer Reviews

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This oolong is full of the most delightful flavour, it really is as described, with a rich creaminess and the most heavenly orchid floral aroma and taste.

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