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Flower 'LianRong' GaiWan

Flower 'LianRong' GaiWan
Flower 'LianRong' GaiWan Flower 'LianRong' GaiWan Flower 'LianRong' GaiWan Flower 'LianRong' GaiWan

Good quality white porcelain GaiWan with a blue flower LianRong style pattern. 

Versatile GaiWan for all types of Chinese Gongfu tea preparation. Easy to clean and maintain.

3 piece GaiWan set including bowl with lid and matching saucer/tray.

Capacity:120-150ml (8g)
Price £17.50

Product Details

Capacity:   120-150ml (8g)

Description of packaging:   Boxed

Region:   China

Customer Reviews

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Anonymous, Rated this as: 5

Excellent value for money gaiwan...

This is a good gaiwan that is sturdy so less prone to chipping which is helpful for people new to preparing tea using the gaiwan method. The dark blue floral design on the white background is pleasant. The gaiwan has a slightly larger capacity than the standard gaiwan. It makes a nice present and the people at Wan Ling Tea House provide excellent customer service.

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