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Liu Fang Yuan Gai YiXing ZiSha Teapot

Liu Fang Yuan Gai YiXing ZiSha Teapot
Liu Fang Yuan Gai YiXing ZiSha Teapot Liu Fang Yuan Gai YiXing ZiSha Teapot Liu Fang Yuan Gai YiXing ZiSha Teapot Liu Fang Yuan Gai YiXing ZiSha Teapot

Liu Fang Yuan Gai YiXing ZiSha teapot by Ge Lin (Mr. Ge). Larger style 300-325ml capacity ZiSha teapot. Ideal for those who enjoy sharing tea with friends.

Mr. Ge has expertly crafted this teapot with hexagonal spout and handle which is finished with a practical and striking thumb rest. The thumb rest gives the teapot balance and aids pouring when full. These strong angular features makes for an elegant, yet powerful shape that will complement any tea aficionados tea setup.

Ideal for seasoning with almost any high grade loose leaf tea. Not sure which YiXing teapot to select, looking for some advice on how to select an ideal YiXing teapot for your needs? Contact us or visit our tea shop FAQ page.

Price £280.00

Product Details

Capacity:   300-325ml

Height:   9cm

Diameter:   6.5cm (opening)

Description of packaging:   Boxed - Gift box

Factory:   Hand made by Mr. Ge Lin.

Region:   YiXing, JiangSu, China.

Alternative Names:   I-hsing, yixing teapot, zisha teapot

Additional Information:   Zi Ni purple clay

Tea Facts and Tea Region Information

Tea Artist Background

Ge Er Lin (Mr. Ge), was born in 1962, in Ding Shan Bai Dang. A craft artist, a member of JiangSu Craft Art Society, and also a member of  YiXing Ceramic Industry Association.

Ge Er Lin now working in YiXing Ceramic Museum. Influenced at childhood, he had a deep love of making tea pots. Working in a ceramic company at the end of 70s, Mr. Ge then attended a professional ceramic school to develop his passion. Since the beginning of 80s he has been engaged in ceramic mould and hand made YiXing teapot production. Mr. Ge has been committed to design and creation of purple clay for more than 20 years with a focus upon traditional elements.

Over the years his works have been published in <Jian Shang Zhen Wan> and <Tao Yuan Duo Ying> plus other leading publications. Mr Ge was also a special consultant in <Jian Bao> program in XATV6 exploring ceramic artisans.

YiXing ZiSha Tea Facts Information

Our Tea Facts sections contain a wealth of information, including an extensive look at YiXing ZiSha Teapots, from the history of ZiSha tea ware to popular YiXing teapot shapes and much more.

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