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Keemun Tea (QiMen Hong Cha) 2014

Keemun Tea (QiMen Hong Cha) 2014
Keemun Tea (QiMen Hong Cha) 2014 Keemun Tea (QiMen Hong Cha) 2014

Beautiful Chinese black tea. Keemun tea is one of the most popular and well known China red teas.

Due to Qimen red tea's history as an export tea for the European markets you will some times see it referred to as Keemun Congou or Keemun Gongfu tea 祁门功夫茶. 

Our 2014 spring Keemun tea, is a style known as Hong Xiang Luo 红香螺.

In recent years the Chinese people have discovered black tea and it is slowly becoming more popular in the local markets, however the majority of production is still sent for export and blending. 

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3 - 5 5.00%
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21 - 50 20.00%

Year and season of Harvest:   Spring 2014

Description of packaging:   Re-sealable aluminium pouch

Product weight:   50g

Region:   QiMen, AnHui, China.

Alternative Names:   Keemun Hong Cha, Keemum Red Tea, Keemun Black Tea, QiMen Hong, Keemun Mao Feng, Hong Mao Feng, Black Mao Feng Tea.

Tea Facts and Tea Region Information

Keemun gains it's name from the county which is produced Qi Men 祁门县 which forms part of the Huangshan City region of Anhui province. You can you read more about the tea producing regions of AnHui province in our China Tea Facts pages.

Interested to know where Qimen county is? Why not visit our Tea Production map on Google.

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