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Tie Luo Han (2011)

Tie Luo Han (2011)
Tie Luo Han (2011)

One of our favourites from the 2011 Yan Cha, or Rock Tea harvest. Harvested from within the tourist region of the WuYi mountains, this is an outstanding Oolong tea. It is well balanced with a sweet, baked flavour that lingers on the tongue and in the throat.

 Over the years this tea has matured well, and although loosing some of the fragrant floral notes, it developed much more woodiness and hints of caramel. Lovely aged WuYi Shan Oolong tea.

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5 - 9 5.00%
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20 - 39 15.00%

Year and season of Harvest:   Spring 2011

Description of packaging:   Aluminium Resealable Pouch

Product weight:   30g

Region:   WuYi Mountain tourist area, FuJian, China.

Alternative Names:   TieLuoHan - Tie Luo Han, Rock Tea, WuYi Oolong tea

Basic Brewing Information

Vessel Capacity: 150ml tea mug or glass
Tea Quantity: 2 - 3g (loose leaf)
Instructions: Rinse and add water. Refill as needed.

For best results we highly recommend you brew our WuYi mountain rock Oolong teas GongFu style. Visit our online Tea Brewing Guide for full details.

Tea Tasting Notes

Tea Appearance: Dark, long leaf. Heavy oxidiation >70-80%.

Tea Liquor: Golden - amber colour which clean and bright.

Tea Aroma: Classic 'Yan Wei' rock aroma.

Tea Taste: Full bodied, long lasting taste.

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