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Pu Er Tea Taster

Pu Er Tea Taster

A truly intriguing type of tea. Pu Er (Pu Erh) can be one of the most rewarding teas to be drunk and collected, however it's unique characteristics can often be off putting to those who have not had the chance to try and experiment. Now here is your chance. Wan Ling Tea House Pu Er samplers contain both Sheng (green / raw) and Shu (cooked) types. We hope these offer a doorway to this exciting type of tea.

Puer Tea Taster Collection:

Lu Yin (Green Stamp) Shu Pu Er 2007,

Xiao Tuo Shu Pu Er Tea (2 tuo),

Mang Fei Mountain Sheng Pu Er 2009,

Zhang Jia Wan Ancient Tea Tree Sheng Puer 2016 ,

Meng Song Sheng Puer 2012,

Ji Di Sheng Puer 2014,

Lao Man Er Sheng Puer 2012,

Bu Lang Shu Puer 2013,

Gong Ting Shu PuEr (2008).

8 x 10g + 2 puer tuo (approximately 8g)

Price £16.00

Product Details

Year and season of Harvest:   Various

Description of packaging:   Seally bag / box

Product weight:   8 x 10g + 1 x 8g

Factory:   Various

Region:   Yunnan, China

Tea Facts and Tea Region Information

Yunnan, the home of Puer tea. Explore the fascinating province. Home to a melting pot of cultures, history, nature and much more. The southern Chinese province of Yunnan borders South East Asia and is the source of exquisite teas. Yunnan Tea Region Facts.

Looking for more details on puer tea? Our Tea Types Tea Facts is a great way to learn and explore more about this alluring style of tea. 

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